COVID-19: Measures affecting trade in goods

News date: 02 July 2021Source:

The below table of COVID-19 trade and trade-related measures has been compiled by the WTO Secretariat and is an informal situation report and an attempt to provide transparency with respect to trade and trade-related measures taken in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. It does not pass judgment on or question the right of WTO members to take such actions.

The table includes two categories of measures. The first category (on a beige background) contains information and measures identified from official sources, for example government and ministry websites and communications. This list is also available on the WTO public website. The second category (on a grey background) contains information and measures obtained from other public sources, for example media reports. This list is only available on the Members' website. Neither section is exhaustive.

In accordance with the long-standing practice of the WTO Trade Monitoring Exercise of verifying information and measures with Members, the WTO Secretariat is seeking verification of the measures identified in the table, including official source, HS Codes, implementation date etc. To this effect, individual emails will be sent out to relevant Members shortly. We encourage Members to promptly provide updated information on these and other measures as appropriate, including through notifications to the relevant WTO Committees.

The below table will be updated regularly and verification will be sought throughout this process.