Government will place restrictions on imports of products in the category ‘Other’: Piyush Goyal

News date: 15 January 2020Source:

New Delhi: Concerned about the increase in imports in the “other” category, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, asked those importers on Wednesday to look for HSN or a tariff code within 30 days of the foreign trade office, in case the government imposes strong restrictions on your incoming shipments.

In the commercial language, each product is classified under an HSN (Harmonized Nomenclature System) code. Help in the systematic classification of goods worldwide.

Goyal said that India faces a “big” problem in the country’s imports of a category called “others” and in that category, all kinds of things are being imported into the country.

Citing an analysis, he said that one of the four products imported into India is in this category.

Of more than USD 500 billion in imports in 2018-19, the category ‘others’ represented more than USD 100 billion.

“I will follow the German model,” he said and added that he would wait for the response from the importers for the next 30 days and, thereafter, “I will restrict the importation of any product that falls into the category of others.”

He said that importers will have to approach the ministry to obtain a special license for that import without which “no product can be imported in the category of others.”

He said it in the Conclave of National Standards of the IIC.

“Today, I would like to make a final announcement that I appeal to all those who are importing a product or service in the country, classify their product in a respective HSN code in which it is located,” he said.

Goyal asked the importers to approach their nearest DGFT (Directorate General for Foreign Trade) immediately.

“We will begin the process to create a separate HSN code if it does not conform to any existing code or we modify the existing code … Very soon, I will come out with serious consequences. The consequences could be a greater duty for products that fall into the category of others, “he added.

The minister urged the industry to transmit this message to other interested parties.

He also requested the DGFT to submit a commercial notice immediately and “make it an absolute ultimatum, whether the import tariff will increase exorbitantly or a special tariff will be imposed.”

This measure, he said, will help the government assess what is being imported into the country.

The minister added that imports will not be allowed without the HSN code in the country.

“From now on, there must be zero tolerance for inferior quality products and services of industry and consumers,” Goyal said.

He also said that the government will support the industry in every way to establish standards for Indian goods and services to meet international requirements for the Indian brand to be recognized in the world.

On free trade agreements, he said that it is an unfortunate reality for India that the FTAs ​​signed with other nations have not led to the growth of Indian commerce and business.

He explained on this point with the number of technical barriers to trade in countries such as the USA. UU. (8,000), Brazil (3,879), China (2,872) and India with only 439.

This points to the way in which India and the rest of the world are looking at the concept of quality in products and services, Goyal added.

The trade minister said the time has come to get out of the mentality of rising exports and adopt the mantra of quality goods.

He urged BIS, FSSAI and other departments that have the mandate to establish and set standards, to work in mission mode so that goods and services produced and imported in India meet international quality requirements.

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