Qualifying as a Reputable Exporter and Importer in Indonesia

News date: 05 January 2022Source: https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/qualifying-as-a-reputable-exporter-and-importer-in-indonesia/

Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade (MoT) issued MoT Reg 17/2021 in April 2021, which sets out the criteria for qualifying as a reputable exporter and importer in Indonesia and the benefits it entails.

Among the benefits is the instant approval of business licenses, such as export approvals and import approvals as well as the removal of surveyor report requirements for mandatory commodities.

MoT Reg 17/2021 is an implementing regulation to Government Regulation 29 of 2021 (GR 29/2021), which was enacted in early 2021 to simplify regulations in Indonesia’s trade sector. GR 29/2021 is also an implementing regulation of the Omnibus Law.

What is a reputable exporter or importer?

MoT Reg 17/2021 describes a reputable exporter and importer as businesses that have shown a high level of compliance to implement the laws and regulations set by the government in regard to imports and exports. According to The Jakarta Post, the government has identified over 700 businesses that can be considered reputable.

Despite the advantage of a reputable exporter or importer being instantly approved for business licenses, they are not exempt from being inspected by the authorities.

Obtaining export and import approvals

The types of business licenses reputable exporters and importers are eligible to receive are called the export approval license and the import approval license.   

For reputable exporters that hold an export approval license, they are automatically approved to export some nine types of goods and commodities. Some are listed below.