Animal Health and Livestock Development Law

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yidaungsu Hluttaw Law No.13/2020, page 23


Previously notified in N1MMR1 and N2MMR1

Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD) under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is a competent authority responsible for issuing Veterinary Certificate for importation/exportation of animals, animal products, genetically modified organism, animal feed, animal products or veterinary drugs as SPS requirement in line with OIE guideline.

The New Animal Health and Livestock Development Law (13/2020) which has enacted recently in August 26,2020 prescribed more comprehensive and veterinary coverage in line with OIE standard. Moreover, it makes the products relating to livestock sector more cover with the current situation of trade and market.
Animal Health and Livestock Development Law includes 16 chapters. The description of content relating to export and import is under Chapter 11. In this content, the department is responsible to take measures additional products such genetically modified organisms, veterinary medicinal products and livestock equipment which have not been specifically mentioned in the former law.

As per the Chapter 11, Para 26 of the Law, the person desiring to carry out exportation or importation of animal, animal products, genetically modified organism (GMO), animal feed, livestock & veterinary equipment or veterinary medicinal products shall apply to obtain the certificate of recommendation to the Director General in accordance with stipulations before applying to the relevant government department for export/import license or permit.
In para 29, the department may set up check point and animal quarantine station in areas where there is necessary with the approval of the ministry to enable to inspect animal, animal products, GMO, animal feed, livestock & veterinary products or veterinary medicinal products to be exported or imported.
The fact that the person who is going to export or import of animal, animal product, genetically modified organism, animal feed, livestock & veterinary equipment or veterinary medicinal products hall report and apply to the Department to inspect goods to be exported or imported by collaboration with relevant Departments is mentioned in para 30.
Para 31 explained that the department shall issue the findings in collaboration and inspection with relevant departments upon the receiving of reporting and application under section 30.