The Arms Act

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Import, Export and Transport.
Section 6. No person shall bring or take by sea or by land into or out of the union of Burma any arms, ammunition or military stores except under a licence and in the manner and to the extent permitted by such licence.
Nothing in the first clause of this section extends to arms (other than cannon) or ammunition imported or exported in reasonable quantities for his own private use by any person lawfully entitled to possess such arms or ammunition: but the collector of customs or any other officer empowered by the president of the union in this behalf by name or in virtue of this office may at any time detain such arms or ammunition until he receives the orders of the president of the union thereon.
Explanation – Arms, ammunition and military stores taken from one part of the Union of Burma to another by sea, or across intervening territory not being part of the Union of Burma, are taken out of and brought into the Union of Burma within the meaning of this section.