Decree No.605-21 repealing Decrees Nos. 505-99 and 569-12

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Creates the Commission for Agricultural Imports and establishes the composition thereof.

Decree No. 605-21 repealed the regulations concerning the tariff quota administration and allocation mechanism for products covered by the technical rectification of the Dominican Republic's Schedule XXIII of tariff concessions. It also increased the number of members of the Commission for Agricultural Imports from three to eight.

The Decree gave the new Commission the authority to draft regulations establishing its functions and the procedures to be followed when awarding licences for agricultural imports. It is therefore a framework instrument, which, in general terms, sets out guidelines for issuing other rules governing import licensing procedures.

Decree No.605-21 repealed Decree No.505-99 Regulation of Imports of the Agricultural Sites of Technical Rectification to Schedule XXIII