Decree No.925 Establishing provisions governing applications for registration and import licences

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Official Journal No. 48785


Previously notified in N3COL14-15
Decree No.925 updates the provisions governing import regimes with a view to furthering the trade facilitation policy and brings regulations into line with the commitments undertaken in the free trade agreements signed by Colombia;
Chapter II - imports subject to the prior licensing regime;
Chapter III - MinCIT Directorate of Foreign Trade is authority responsible;
Article 5 - authorizing requests;
Article 6 - non-automatic licences are valid for a period of six months starting on the date of approval;
Article 14 - imports subject to non-automatic licensing;
Article 24 - Import quotas;
Article 25 - requirements, authorizations;
Annex 1 - tariff subheadings for which the National Government established the prior licensing regime.