Free Import Order (3rd Amendment) 5780-2020

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Reshumot – the Official Gazette, Subsidiary Legislation – Rates of Customs Duty, Purchase Tax and Mandatory Payments


Previously notified in N1ISR4 and N2ISR4
Free Import Order (3rd Amendment) 5780–2020 came into force at the date of its publication (7 April 2020) except for:
(a) The provision in the First Schedule regarding HS products 84.30.3100, 84.30.4100 and 84.30.5000 and the provision in the Second Schedule regarding HS product 02.06.3000 came into force 14 days after its publication (21 April 2020).
(b) The provisions in the Second Schedule regarding HS products 70.13 and 85.39.2000 came into force 30 days after its publication (7 May 2020).