Live animals, meat, animal products, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, vegetables, live plants, seeds, mushroom spawn and animal or vegetable fertilisers


Basic information


Outline of the system

An import license supported by International Animal Health Certificate/International certificate of vaccination or another specific requirement is required for the import of live animals (mammals, birds and reptiles). Furthermore, an international sanitary certificate is required for the import of animal products destined for human consumption (meat, meat products, egg, dairy products etc:), fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, and international phytosanitary certificate for edible plant, live plants, seeds, mushroom spawn and edible animal or vegetable fertilisers.

Import permits will be issued by the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM - Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais) for the import of live animals and the health requirements will be different according to their origins from different countries.

Import licensing, health controls and control of importation of animals, plants and animal original products are outlined in the Official Gazette and governed by Law No.7/2003, amended by Law No.3/2016; Administrative Regulation No.28/2003, amended by Administrative Regulation No.19/2016; Administrative Regulation No.40/2004, amended by Administrative Regulation No.15/2022 and Chief Executive Decision No.209/2021.


Product coverage

The import license for specific products is granted by the IAM (see Annex A-I), and is required for chapters 1, 2, and 3 as mentioned below and a few products in chapters 4, 16, 21 and 95. All other commodities mentioned below can be imported with an import declaration.

List of commodity sections and chapters of the Nomenclature for the External Trade of Macao/Harmonized System (NCEM/HS) subject to sanitary/phytosanitary inspection mentioned in Annex III of the Chief Executive's Decision No.209/2021:

- Live animals, Chapter 1.
- Meat and edible offal (fresh, chilled, frozen or prepared), Chapter 2.
- Fish (except ornamental fish, NCEM/HS Code: 0301.11.00 and 0301.19.00) and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, Chapter 3.
- Dairy products, birds' eggs, natural honey, edible products of animal origin, Chapter 4.
- Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals (other than fish), whole and pieces thereof, fresh, chilled, frozen, salted, in brine, dried or smoked, animal products not elsewhere specified, Chapter 5.
- Live trees and other plants, bulbs, roots and the like; cut flowers and ornamental foliage, mushroom spawn, Chapter 6.
- Edible fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and certain roots and tubers, Chapters 7 and 8.
- Seeds, fruit and spores, of a kind used for sowing; fresh sugar cane (NCEM/HS Code: 1209, 1212.93.00);
- Pig fat (including lard) and poultry fat, Chapter 15.
- Preparations of meat, of fish, of crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates, or of insects, Chapter 16.
- Formula milk powder, (NCEM/HS Code: 1901.10.41, 1901.90.40);
- Ice cream and other edible ice, Chapter 21.
- Dog or cat food, put up for retail sale, containing animal origin ingredients (NCEM/HS 2309.10.20).
- Animal or vegetable fertilisers, whether or not mixed together or chemically treated; fertilisers produced by the mixing or chemical treatment of animal or vegetable products (NCEM/HS Code: 3101.00.00).
- Animal for circuses, Chapter 95.

Annex A-I - Importation Procedures for Group I.pdf

Nature of licensing



If Automatic, administrative purpose



If Non-Automatic, description of the notified Non-Automatic Licensing regime


Products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

The import licensing system is not intended to restrict the quantity or value of imports, but to protect public health, animal health, animal welfare and prevent the introduction into and spread within territory of destructive plant diseases and pests.


Questions for products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

Not applicable.


The system applies to products originating from which country?

Import license or import declaration applies to the animals and products mentioned above coming from all countries and territories outside the Macao SAR.


Expected duration of licensing procedure

Eligibility of applicants


Is there a system of registration of persons or firms permitted to engage in importation?


What persons or firms are eligible to apply for a licence?

All persons, firms and institutions, complying with Article 11 of Law No.3/2016, (amendment to Law No.7/2003), are eligible to apply.


Is there a registration fee?


Is there a published list of authorized importers?

Contact point for information on eligibility



Economic and Technological Development Bureau



Rua Dr. Pedro José Lobo, 1-3, Luso International Bank Building, 2/F., Macao, China



(853) 8597 2281



(853) 2871 2553


E-mail address




Contact officer

Submission of an application


Administrative body(ies) for submission of an application

Economic and Technological Development Bureau

Documentation requirements


What information is required in applications?

The required information is outlined in a sample application form for the import license and attached in Annex A-II.

Annex A-II Specimens of Licensing documents for Group I.pdf

What documents is the importer required to supply with the application?

Live animals (mammals, birds and reptiles):

- International Animal Health Certificate (provided by the veterinary Authority of the exporting country);
- Anti-Rabies Vaccination Certificate (dogs and cats) and Vaccination Certificate (covering other infectious diseases);
- Dogs and cats under four months old are not allowed to be imported;
- In accordance with Chief Executive Decision no. 335/2016, import of some species of dogs and animals is prohibited;
- Airway Bill (if applicable);
- Import Licence;
- Other sanitary documents, such as analytical report (if applicable).

Window of submission of an application


How far in advance of importation must application for a licence be made?

Application for import license should be submitted in advance of importation (at least three working days).


Are there any limitations as to the period of the year during which application for licence can be made? If so, explain

There is no limitation of time as to the period of the year during which application for importation should be made.

Issuing the license


Can a licence be granted immediately on request?

Where there is proof of a genuine need, import license may exceptionally be granted on request*.
*"Exceptional cases" are defined as those that are claimed beforehand either by the exporter or importer as of urgent character or in need by the importer, particularly when dispatched by air through Macao International Airport or via express service. The normal procedure is to produce (documentary) evidence supported by reasonable explanation to his/her claim, namely letter(s) by the importer declaring so. Also, in case of events and exhibitions to be held locally, where imports into the Macao SAR, on a particular date, of certain type of goods either for sale or consumption are proved to be urgent or necessary.


Can licences be obtained within a shorter time-limit or for goods arriving at the port without a licence

However, in a small number of cases, some applications are exceptionally accepted on the working day prior to arrival. Import declarations are also accepted on the working day prior to arrival.


Which administrative body is responsible for approving application of licences?

Import license is administered by the IAM. However, the Economic and Technological Development Bureau is the sole administrative organ to issue import licenses relating to the animals and plants listed in CITES (including their readily recognizable parts and derivatives) and medicines containing or claiming to contain tiger or rhino ingredients.


Must the applications be passed on to other organs for visa, note or approval?


Are there any other conditions attached to the issue of a licence?

Not applicable.

Fees and other administrative charges


Is there any licensing fee or administrative charge?

No fee is charged for import license and import declaration.


What is the amount of the fee or charge?


Is there any deposit or advance payment required associated with the issue of licences?

No deposit or advance payment is required; except for the import permit fee (whenever an import permit is needed), the inspection fee for live animal import, and the dog license fee (for the import of dogs) which are requested to be paid in advance.


Amount or rate?


Is it refundable?


What is the period of retention?


What is the purpose of this requirement?

Refusal of an application


Under what circumstances may an application for a licence be refused other than failure to meet the ordinary criteria?

Application of import license will not be refused if the ordinary criteria are met.


Are the reasons for any refusal given to applicants?

The reasons for refusal are always given to the applicant


Have applicants a right of appeal in the event of refusal to issue a licence?

Yes the applicant has the right to appeal.


If so, to what bodies and under what procedures?

The applicant has the right to appeal to the Chairman of Administration Committee on Municipal Affairs.



Are there any limitations as to the period of year during which importation may be made?


What documents are required upon actual importation?

The required information is summarized in Annex A-I. Controls of and requirements for import of live animals (mammals, birds, reptiles etc.), animal products destined for human consumption (meat, meat products, eggs, dairy products etc.), fish, (except for ornamental fish), crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates, edible ice, prepared animals fodder, vegetable, live plants (any part of plants), seeds, mushroom spawn, and animal or vegetable fertilisers.

Annex A-I - Importation Procedures for Group I.pdf

Are there any other administrative procedures, apart from import licensing and similar administrative procedures, required prior to importation?


Conditions of licensing


What is the period of validity of a licence? Can the validity be extended? How?

The validity for import license is 30 days from the day of issuance, whereas the validity for import declaration is ten working days following the confirmation of Macao Customs Service.


Is there any penalty for the non-utilization of a licence or a portion of a licence?

There is no penalty for non-utilisation of import license. If the import license is not used, importers can apply for a refund of dog license fee, but the live animal inspection fee and the import permit fee are non-refundable.


Are licences transferable between importers? If so, are any limitations or conditions attached to such transfer?

Neither import license nor import declaration is transferable.

Foreign Exchange


Is foreign exchange automatically provided by the banking authorities for goods to be imported?

There are no foreign exchange controls.


Is a licence required as a condition to obtaining foreign exchange?


Is foreign exchange always available to cover licences issued?


What formalities must be fulfilled for obtaining the foreign exchange?