Order of the Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and the Digital Economy No.917-19 of 22 March 2019

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Official Journal (Bulletin officiel) No.6775 (Arabic version) (page 2,526)


Supplementing Order No.1308 of 19 April 1994 establishing the list of goods subject to quantitative import and export restrictions
Polymers of ethylene
Order submitting components of plastic bags to the import licensing system.

To better control the unlawful production of banned plastic bags and to ensure the traceability of components of plastic bags and avoid any risk of misuse, Morocco has decided to submit the following products to the import licensing system:

semi-finished goods (flattened sheaths of printed and unprinted film of polyethylene in rolls of a width not exceeding 300 cm);
polyethylene (PE) waste; other materials that may contain PE.