Plant protection products (PPP)


Basic information


Outline of the system

The procedure of licensing in Albania is made in accordance with Law No. 10081, dated 23 February 2009 “On Licensing, Authorizations and Permits in the Republic of Albania”, as amended. Import of products for plant protection in Albania is conducted through permissions issued by the NBC, based on some preliminary criteria to be fulfilled by the interested parties.

The entities are inspected from the National Food Authority. The decision of the NFA is based on the evaluation of submitted documents and on-site inspection to assess fulfilment of requirements and mandatory standards defined in the legislation. Approval or refusal is published in the register within the deadline, otherwise it is considered as approved. This license is issued through the NBC.

According to Law No. 105/2016 dated 14 October 2016 "On the plant protection services”, as amended, in Albania, only registered products for plant protection can be imported. The procedures for the registration of PPP are performed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Product coverage

The licensing system covers plant protection products such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, disinfectants and similar products. These products fall under code 3808 of the Combined Nomenclature.

Nature of licensing



If Automatic, administrative purpose



If Non-Automatic, description of the notified Non-Automatic Licensing regime

The purpose of issuing the import license of PPP is to strictly control the products. Since these are poisonous products, their careless utilization can affect plants, animals, human beings and the environment. It is the only known method for plant protection in international legislation.


Products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

This licensing system does not intend to restrict the quantity or value of imports coming into Albania.


Questions for products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

Not applicable.


The system applies to products originating from which country?

All PPPs marketed or used in the territory of the Republic of Albania should undergo the registration procedure. Only the PPPs, registered in one of the EU countries, can be registered in Albania.


Expected duration of licensing procedure

Eligibility of applicants


Is there a system of registration of persons or firms permitted to engage in importation?

No, there is not such a system.


What persons or firms are eligible to apply for a licence?

There are no restrictive systems. All persons, firms and institutions that satisfy the criteria set forth in the current legislation have the right to apply for a license. All persons who have wholesale trading licenses are eligible to import plant protection products that are registered in Albania.


Is there a registration fee?

A list of fees exists which is based on the common guidance of the Ministry of Finances and Economy and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, No. 8 dated 08.05.2007 “On the fees and secondary revenues applicable by institutions of the agriculture and food system”, as amended.


Is there a published list of authorized importers?

The list of approved licenses by subjects is published on the website of the NBC. The list is available to the National Food Authority for control effects.

Contact point for information on eligibility










E-mail address




Contact officer

Submission of an application


Administrative body(ies) for submission of an application

Documentation requirements


What information is required in applications?


What documents is the importer required to supply with the application?

The applicant presents the required documents to the Directory of the NBC. The whole set of documents is available at the NBC office.

Window of submission of an application


How far in advance of importation must application for a licence be made?

The importer can import the product at the time when he judges is appropriate.


Are there any limitations as to the period of the year during which application for licence can be made? If so, explain

No limitations related to the period of the year during which applications for license can be made.

Issuing the license


Can a licence be granted immediately on request?

The license is granted after the examination of the required documentation, within the time limits set forth in the legislation. Up to now, no emergency applications for licenses are deposited in the National Business Centre.


Can licences be obtained within a shorter time-limit or for goods arriving at the port without a licence

The time limit to obtain a license is 15 days and the license cannot be obtained for goods arriving at the port without a license.


Which administrative body is responsible for approving application of licences?

Application for trading licenses are affected only by one administrative organ, which is the National Business Centre.


Must the applications be passed on to other organs for visa, note or approval?


Are there any other conditions attached to the issue of a licence?

No conditions are attached to the issuing of the license.

Fees and other administrative charges


Is there any licensing fee or administrative charge?



What is the amount of the fee or charge?

Licensing fee is 2.000 ALL.


Is there any deposit or advance payment required associated with the issue of licences?

No deposit or advance payment requirement.


Amount or rate?


Is it refundable?


What is the period of retention?


What is the purpose of this requirement?

Refusal of an application


Under what circumstances may an application for a licence be refused other than failure to meet the ordinary criteria?

The license can be refused when the importer fails to meet the appropriate conditions on storage and preservation of the plant protection products as required by the legislation (including the necessary documentation).


Are the reasons for any refusal given to applicants?

The applicant is informed officially by the NBC, for the reasons of the license’s refusal. This information is published automatically on the NBC’s website


Have applicants a right of appeal in the event of refusal to issue a licence?

Yes, the applicant has the right to appeal.


If so, to what bodies and under what procedures?

According to the legislation on plant protection in the case of the refusal of the license, the applicant has the right to appeal at higher administrative bodies and at the court of first instance.



Are there any limitations as to the period of year during which importation may be made?


What documents are required upon actual importation?

Wholesale trading license of plant protection products is presented at the quarantine inspectorate office at the cross-border points. After the control by quarantine inspectorate is carried out, the customs authorities accomplish customs procedures.


Are there any other administrative procedures, apart from import licensing and similar administrative procedures, required prior to importation?

Yes, there is the procedure of the PPP registration in the Republic of Albania. This procedure is performed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Conditions of licensing


What is the period of validity of a licence? Can the validity be extended? How?

The license is permanent.


Is there any penalty for the non-utilization of a licence or a portion of a licence?

No penalty.


Are licences transferable between importers? If so, are any limitations or conditions attached to such transfer?

The license is not transferable.

Foreign Exchange


Is foreign exchange automatically provided by the banking authorities for goods to be imported?

Foreign exchange is provided automatically by banking authorities, every day.


Is a licence required as a condition to obtaining foreign exchange?


Is foreign exchange always available to cover licences issued?


What formalities must be fulfilled for obtaining the foreign exchange?