Basic information


Outline of the system

Licenses for the transboundary movement of waste (import, export and transit) are issued in accordance with the Law on waste management (OG MNE, No.64/11; 39/16) and Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary movements of hazardous waste and their disposal (OG FRY International agreements, No.2/99). The import of hazardous waste is forbidden. The import of non-hazardous waste to remove and use as fuel or other means to generate energy is forbidden as well.


Product coverage

Import licenses are required for:
- Transboundary movement of waste (import, export and transit of waste)

Nature of licensing



If Automatic, administrative purpose



If Non-Automatic, description of the notified Non-Automatic Licensing regime


Products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

The issue of licenses is not intended to limit the quantities or value of imports, but exclusively with the purpose of adequate monitoring of the imported goods. For waste management the licensing intends to control the quantity of imports because it is related to the protection of the environment and fulfilling the obligation in accordance with the international agreement: Basel Convention. No alternative methods were considered.


Questions for products under restriction as to the quantity or value of imports

Not applicable.


The system applies to products originating from which country?

The system applies to goods originating and coming from all countries.


Expected duration of licensing procedure

Eligibility of applicants


Is there a system of registration of persons or firms permitted to engage in importation?

All legal persons or entrepreneurs registered in the Central Registry of the Commercial Court are eligible to apply for licences. Regarding permits for chemical, besides above, a legal person must meet the requirements in terms of personnel, facilities and equipment.


What persons or firms are eligible to apply for a licence?

All persons and companies that fulfil the conditions envisaged by the Law are eligible to apply for licenses.


Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee.


Is there a published list of authorized importers?

There is no published list of authorized operators.

Contact point for information on eligibility










E-mail address




Contact officer

Submission of an application


Administrative body(ies) for submission of an application

Nature and Environmental Protection Agency

Documentation requirements


What information is required in applications?

Please see Exhibit III


What documents is the importer required to supply with the application?

The application for permit for import of non-hazardous waste, only for the purpose of its processing, must contain the following:

- Documentation of signs and types of waste from the list of non-hazardous waste;
- An agreement between importers and exporters of waste with validity period until the completion of delivery of waste and with financial guarantees or insurance policy or other form of insurance in the case of return in the country of export;
- An agreement between importers and processors of waste, in case that the importer is not the waste processor;
- Proof that the importer of waste is registered for import activities;
- Information on methods for transport and shipment of waste (at once or in several shipments);
- Information on the border crossing point on which imports will be made, the time of arrival of waste on border crossing point, route of waste movement from the border customs office to processors; and,
- Proof of the administrative fee payment.

Window of submission of an application


How far in advance of importation must application for a licence be made?

There is no fixed time-limit for submitting an application before importation.


Are there any limitations as to the period of the year during which application for licence can be made? If so, explain

There are no such limitations.

Issuing the license


Can a licence be granted immediately on request?

There is no such possibility.


Can licences be obtained within a shorter time-limit or for goods arriving at the port without a licence

In accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedure length of time for processing application is 30 day from the day of receipt of the official request. License could be obtained in a shorter period than 30 days if all required documents are submitted.


Which administrative body is responsible for approving application of licences?

NEPA is a Single administrative body in charge of consideration of licence applications.


Must the applications be passed on to other organs for visa, note or approval?


Are there any other conditions attached to the issue of a licence?

There are no other conditions attached to the issue of a license.

Fees and other administrative charges


Is there any licensing fee or administrative charge?

There are administrative fees.


What is the amount of the fee or charge?

Administrative fee in the amount of 2 EUR for non-hazardous waste


Is there any deposit or advance payment required associated with the issue of licences?

There is no deposit or advance payment associated with the issue of licenses.


Amount or rate?


Is it refundable?


What is the period of retention?


What is the purpose of this requirement?

Refusal of an application


Under what circumstances may an application for a licence be refused other than failure to meet the ordinary criteria?

In addition to non-fulfilling of the criteria prescribed by relevant legislation, application could be rejected in the case when applicant submits application for the goods that are not allowed for import.


Are the reasons for any refusal given to applicants?

Reasons for rejection of any form are given by NEPA to the applicant in a separate administrative act.


Have applicants a right of appeal in the event of refusal to issue a licence?

Decision may be appealed.


If so, to what bodies and under what procedures?

Decision may be appealed to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism in accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedure.



Are there any limitations as to the period of year during which importation may be made?

There are no such limitations.


What documents are required upon actual importation?

Importer must present valid license issued by NEPA along with standard customs documentation.


Are there any other administrative procedures, apart from import licensing and similar administrative procedures, required prior to importation?

There are no other administrative procedures, apart from import licensing required prior to importation.

Conditions of licensing


What is the period of validity of a licence? Can the validity be extended? How?

The license is valid for the period specified in the license, but not longer than one year.


Is there any penalty for the non-utilization of a licence or a portion of a licence?

There is no penalty for non-utilization of a license or a portion of a license.


Are licences transferable between importers? If so, are any limitations or conditions attached to such transfer?

The licenses are not transferable between importers.

Foreign Exchange


Is foreign exchange automatically provided by the banking authorities for goods to be imported?

Foreign exchange is automatically provided by the banking authorities for goods to be imported.


Is a licence required as a condition to obtaining foreign exchange?


Is foreign exchange always available to cover licences issued?


What formalities must be fulfilled for obtaining the foreign exchange?