Basic iron and steel

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Blast furnaces, steel converters, rolling and finishing mills
Ferrous products by direct reduction of iron and other spongy ferrous products
Granular iron and iron powder
Hot-rolled and cold-rolled flat-rolled products of steel
Hot-rolled bars and rods of steel
Hot-rolled open sections of steel
Iron of exceptional purity by electrolysis or other chemical processes
Open sections by progressive cold forming on a roll mill or folding on a press of flat-rolled products of steel
Operations of conversion by reduction of iron ore in blast furnaces and oxygen converters or of ferrous waste and scrap in electric arc furnaces or by direct reduction of iron ore without fusion to obtain crude steel which is smelted and refined in a ladle furnace and then poured and solidified in a continuous caster in order to produce semi-finished flat or long products, which are used, after reheating, in rolling, drawing and extruding operations to manufacture finished products such as plate, sheet, strip, bars, rods, wire, tubes, pipes and hollow profiles