Basic precious and other non-ferrous metals

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Aluminium (tin) foil laminates made from aluminium (tin) foil as primary component
Aluminium oxide (alumina)
Aluminium wrapping foil
Aluminium, aluminium alloys, and semi-manufacturing of aluminium
Basic precious metals: production and refining of unwrought or wrought precious metals: gold, silver, platinum etc. from ore and scrap
Chrome, manganese, nickel etc., production of alloys of chrome, manganese, nickel etc., and semi-manufacturing of chrome, manganese, nickel etc.
Copper alloys, manufacture of fuse wire or strip, and semi- manufacturing of copper
Copper from ores or from electrolytic refining of copper waste and scrap
Gold rolled onto base metals or silver
Lead, zinc and tin and semi-manufacturing of lead, zinc and tin