Coating of metal products

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Colouring and engraving of metals
Deburring, sandblasting, tumbling, cleaning of metals
Heat treatment of metals
Metal cable, plaited bands and similar articles
Metallic closures
Non-metallic coating of metals: Plasticizing, enamelling, lacquering etc.; Hardening, buffing of metals; Boring, turning, milling, eroding, planning, lapping, broaching, levelling, sawing, grinding, sharpening, polishing, welding, splicing etc. of metalwork pieces; Cutting of and writing on metals by means of laser beams
Pails, cans, drums, buckets
Plating, anodizing etc. of metals
Tins and cans for food products, collapsible tubes and boxes