Leather and related products

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Chamois dressed, parchment dressed, patent or metallized leathers
Composition leather
Diverse articles of leather or composition leather: driving belts, packings etc.
Dressing and dyeing of fur and the transformation of hides into leather by tanning or curing and fabricating the leather into products for final consumption. It also includes the manufacture of similar products from other materials (imitation leathers or leather substitutes), such as rubber footwear, textile luggage etc. The products made from leather substitutes are included here, since they are made in ways similar to those in which leather products are made (e.g. luggage) and are often produced in the same unit
Horse whips
Luggage, handbags and the like, of leather, composition leather or any other material, such as plastic sheeting, textile materials, vulcanized fibre or paperboard, where the same technology is used as for leather
Non-metallic watch bands (e.g. fabric, leather, plastic)
Saddlery and harness
Shoe-lace, of leather