Plastic products

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Artificial stone (e.g. cultured marble)
Builders` plastics ware: Plastic doors, windows, frames, shutters, blinds, skirting boards
Builders` plastics ware: Plastic floor, wall or ceiling coverings in rolls or in the form of tiles etc.
Builders` plastics ware: Plastic sanitary ware, such as: Plastic baths, shower baths, washbasins, lavatory pans, flushing cisterns etc.
Builders` plastics ware: Tanks, reservoirs
Cellophane film or sheet
Diverse plastic products: Plastic headgear, insulating fittings, parts of lighting fittings, office or school supplies, articles of apparel (if only sealed together, not sewn), fittings for furniture, statuettes, transmission and conveyer belts, self-adhesive tapes of plastic, plastic wall paper, plastic shoe lasts, plastic cigar and cigarette holders, combs, plastics hair curlers, plastics novelties, etc.
Finished plastic products: Plastic tubes, pipes and hoses; hose and pipe fittings
Plastic articles for the packing of goods: Plastic bags, sacks, containers, boxes, cases, carboys, bottles etc.
Plastic signs (non-electrical)