Firearms, ammunition, explosives and inflammable or asphyxiating chemical substances and the facilities for their production, storage or deposit

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Ammunition reloading machines of any type. Spare parts, elements, pieces and accessories of the items subject to control
Any loaded or unloaded device or projectile with a fuse or spark-producing mechanism or containing explosive, chemical, incendiary, fumigant, lachrymatory, emetic, paralysing or other similar substances
Any other device, mechanism or tool allowing for the discharge of ammunition, explosive objects, bullets, birdshots, blank bullets and other projectiles, through the expansion of gunpowder gases or any other chemical compound, whatever their calibre, type, size, shape or the use to which they are put
Cartridges or ammunition used in weapons or devices and their components. Percussion caps, powder or any other chemical element used for the discharge of these projectiles shall be considered a component subject to control
Devices and auxiliary items for blasting or explosion, such as: primers, percussion caps, detonators, charges, fuses, detonator cords and other items, whether mechanical, electrical, non-electrical, electronic or of any other type, used to activate (in an instantaneous or delayed manner) an explosive chain, normally referred to as blasting accessories
Explosives and explosive objects such as bombs, grenades and other devices of a similar nature, in addition to their parts and pieces, and chemical substances likely to be used or employed in the manufacture of explosives, and those that serve as the basis for the manufacture of ammunition, projectiles, missiles or rockets, bombs, cartridges and similar items, and, in general, substances or mixtures of substances capable of reacting chemically, with a high level of heat generation in a very short space of time and a considerable increase in volume in relation to their initial state
Facilities used or intended for use as warehouses, arsenals, dumps, tunnels and testing grounds or devices for weapons, explosives, fireworks and other controlled items, whether they are permanent, temporary or mobile constructions, and whether they are located at ground level or underground, and are buried or mobile
Factories, plants, mixer trucks, industries and workshops the purpose of which is to manufacture weapons, explosives or chemical products subject to control, and to condition or repair war materials, weapons or their essential spare parts, projectiles, missiles or rockets, bombs, cartridges and tear gas or other gas with physiological effects or any other device or projectile.
Firearms, including their parts, spare parts, pieces, devices, tools or accessories that may be attached to them, intended for their shooting performance or effectiveness
Fireworks and other devices of a similar nature, including their parts and pieces