Fire protection equipment

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Construction materials: Air-conditioning systems and components thereof: ducts, filters, connectors, dampers, acoustic material, sealants, adhesives
Construction materials: Mineral wool and insulation blankets, laminated wall panels, composite wall panels, floor boards, wall coatings and finishes, floor coatings and finishes, fire-retardant coatings, spray-applied mineral wool, insulation, pipes, cladding materials, doors and gates, fittings and hardware for escape route doors, fire doors and emergency exit doors, fittings and hardware for fire-resistant lift doors, fire-resistant windows, glass blocks. Decorative fabrics for other purposes, decorative false ceilings, etc.
Electrical equipment: Arc striking devices
Electrical equipment: Conduits and fittings Tubing, cable trays, inspection chambers, covers, seals, etc.
Electrical equipment: Electric conductors: Cables, wires, braided wires, strip, etc.
Electrical equipment: Emergency lighting and signage: Independent light sources with or without signage, safety decals, pictograms, etc., whether or not photoluminescent
Electrical equipment: Overcurrent protection: Thermal, magnetic, fuses, combined, etc.
Electrical equipment: Passive protection system devices: Franklin lightning rods, Faraday cages, down conductors, electrodes, fasteners, lightning-strike counters, etc.
Electrical equipment: Surge protection: Data surge protectors, AC surge protectors
Fire alarm systems and similar products: Anti-explosion equipment (explosion-proof, intrinsic safety, increased safety, oil-immersion)

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