Agricultural products (Annex 1)

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
"Apples" unrooted in plants of the genus Musa 06021010 HS2022
"Dulce de leche" 19019040 HS2022
Active yeasts 21021000 HS2022
Agar-agar 13023100 HS2022
Alfalfa 12092100 HS2022
Almonds 20081940 HS2022
Aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller) 12119030 HS2022
Animal blood 05119940 HS2022
Animal fats and oils and their fractions 15161000 HS2022
Animal, other than bovine, semen 05119930 HS2022

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