Goods requiring prior authorization

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Acetic anhydride 291524000
Alkaloids of opium and their derivatives 293910000
Articles of goldsmiths' wares of silver, where or not plated or clad with other precious metal 711411000
Articles of jewellery double plated of base metal clad with precious metal 711320000
Articles of jewellery of gold 711319100
Articles of jewellery of platinum 711319200
Articles of natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi precious stones natural, synthetic or reconstructed 711620000
Artilces of goldsmiths' wares of gold 711499100
Artilces of goldsmiths' wares of other precious metals 711419900
Artilces of goldsmiths' wares of platinum 711419200