Cluster munitions

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A cluster munition means a conventional munition that is designed to disperse or release explosive submunitions each weighing less than 20 kilograms and (i) includes those explosive submunitions; but (ii) does not include - a mine; or - a munition or submunition that is designed: - to dispense flares, smoke, pyrotechnics, or chaff; or - to produce electrical or electronic effects; or - a munition that is designed exclusively for an air defence role; or - a munition that, in order to avoid indiscriminate effects and the risks posed by unexploded submunitions, has all of the following characteristics: - each munition contains fewer than 10 explosive submunitions: - each explosive submunition weighs more than 4 kilograms: - each explosive submunition is designed to detect and engage a single target object: - each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-destruction mechanism: - each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-deactivating feature.

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