Radio communication equipment including VSAT

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Aeronautical radio equipment (hand-held and fixed) 85255010-85256000
Amateur radio equipment 85255010-85256000
Broadcasting or telecommunication Jamming equipment 85255010-85256000
Broadcasting transmitters (all frequency bands) (e.g. AM, FM, TV, etc.) 85255010-85256000
Citizen Band (CB) radio equipment 85255010-85256000
Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (FBWA) equipment. Excluding: FBWA equipment operating in accordance with the following European standards from the European Technical Standards Institute (ETSI): • 2.4 GHz * EN 300-328 Maximum EIRP 100mW or 20dBm • 5.7 GHz * EN 300-440 Maximum EIRP 25mW or 14dBm *No external antennas permitted 85255010-85256000
Fixed communication link equipment 85255010-85256000
Land mobile radio equipment (Private Mobile Radios (PMR)/ Walkie Talkies (hand-held and fixed) and base stations) 85255010-85256000
Meteorological aid equipment, including satellite meteorological aid equipment 85255010-85256000
Police radar detector 85261000