Radioactive materials and devices using them

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Containers with an anti-radiation lead covering, for the transport of radioactive materials 860900100000
Containers, with an anti-radiation lead covering, for the transport or storage of radioactive materials 780600100000
Deuterium organic compounds 284590100011
For medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses 902221000000
For other uses 902229000000
Heavy water (deuterium oxide) 284510000000
Monazite; urano-thorianite and other thorium ores and concentrate, with a thorium content of more than 20 % by weight 261220100000
Nuclear reactors; fuel elements (cartridges), non-irradiated, for nuclear reactors; machinery and apparatus for isotopic separation 8401
Other 284590100019
Radioactive chemical elements and radioactive isotopes (including the fissile or fertile chemical elements and isotopes) and their compounds, mixtures and residues containing these products 2844