Animal and animal products

Product Coverage

Product description Ex HS Code HS Nomenclature
Animal products: Animal and avian speciments, tissues or blood products, monoclonal antibodies
Animal products: animal by-products not for human consumption (e.g., bones, hides/skins, fetal bovine serum)
Animal products: for animal consumption (pet food/treats and animal feed ingredients, etc.)
Animal products: for human consumption (e.g. meat, milk, eggs, casings, processed products containing meat)
Animal products: organisms and vectors able to transmit or harbour animal diseases
Animal products: related materials that have been exposed to animal products capable of contamination with disease agents: containers, carriers, straw and hay, meat covers
Certain animal (livestock and/or poultry) derived products for any reason, commercial or resarch uses
Live animals, including: Animal semen, ova, embryos
Live animals, including: hatching eggs
Live animals, including: Livestock and poultry and other species (i.e., zoo animals, pet birds) that may carry diseases that could affect US livestock and poultry

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