Secretariat for Trade (SC) Resolution No. 1/2022

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Official Journal of the Argentine Republic


Previously notified in N2ARG28A14 and N3ARG18
Secretariat for Trade (SC) Resolution No. 1/2022 amending Resolution No. 523/2017 of the former Secretariat for Trade, notified in document G/LIC/N/2/ARG/28.
The purpose of SC Resolution No. 1/2022 is to update the list of goods subject to automatic and non-automatic import licensing, and to simplify the current structure of the annexes to Resolution No. 523/2017 of the Secretariat for Trade and the supplementary and amending regulations thereto, with a view to streamlining and facilitating their interpretation and application. In this regard, in order to avoid the dispersion of regulations, Annexes IV, V, VII, VIII, X, XIII and XIV are repealed in their entirety, and the range of tariff positions of the MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature (MCN) covered by the processing of non-automatic import licences are united in a single annex (Annex II).